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Rugged computers


AKD Systems designs, manufactures and integrates rugged computers and industrial grade components to create application-ready computing solutions that meet our customers' specific requirements for functionality, performance and reliability. Rugged computers are indispensable when performance, durability and reliability are of critical importance in demanding environments, that dictates unique electronic specifics, mechanical housing and other board level components. Our background and experience have enabled us to design rugged computers that are subject to environmental tolerances while maintaining a higher level of performance higher than that required for most industrial and commercial grade computers.  


Our rugged computers feature durable components such as special single board computer modules, shock-mounted hard drive casing, low heat cooling fans, and cable inter-connects. These integrated features provide shock, vibration and temperature tolerance when deployed in the most demanding environments. We are able to configure and customize at the chassis level or board level to fit a wide range of industrial component racks and machine enclosures for:

Integrated Computers

Single Board Computers

PCI Express Backplanes

Embedded Motherboards

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