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Industrial PC


Deriving from years of experience in developing and configuring industrial computers, we are able to help you choose a reliable system, for applications relating to industrial robots, process control system for the textile and printer industries, automatic systems for monitoring product quality, diagnostic systems and test environments. Everything about the configuration is recorded in our ERP system so that even after time has elapsed, we can rebuild your system in an identical manner or advise you on the right successor,


Rackmount product


All AKD Industrial PC are assembled and tested before we bring it on the market. Each AKD Industrial PC consists of several cores, carefully selected, tested and indentified by AKD based on most stringent quality standard.  


All AKD systems are designed to operate continuously and can be used in many industrial applications. We have delivered systems successful in applications like factory automation.


What you can tailor


We can create a customer specific front to attach to a standard housing so that your products have their own look. We can also use your business name or product code labels. We can likewise make a fully customized housing for you.


If you want specific configurations on a motherboard that we have not highlighted in our website, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. The memory hard drives or SSD technology, RAID device, operating system or integration of specific I/O cards can all be tailored made. If the preference is to select from our shelf stock, a full range of customer specific systems are also available for swift delivery.  

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