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Creating Customer-Driven Computing Solutions


AKD has become an industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of integrated computer systems to address the critical needs of sections including government and defense, research testing labs, military, GPU computing, medical, gaming and telecommunications. Below sets out our product range and our ability to meet your critical computing needs.


AKD Product Lines Include:


Industrial Computers

Gaming Computers

Military Grade Computers

Security Systems

Rugged Computers

Our design, engineering and manufacturing facilities are based in Taiwan, the marque ODM and OEM hub, enabling us to take advantage of the IT ecosystem and maintain the highest quality standards, that underscores AKD’s reputation.  We remain focused on meeting the demands of any computing environment in which data integrity, reliability, and application durability are critical.


Benefits of Working with AKD


Customer-driven computing solutions satisfy the most demanding requirements

Board-level products designed, manufactured and supported in Taiwan. Total BIOS control allows modifications that support complex integrated systems Backplane designs allow unique ISA, PCI, PCI Express 1.0 and 2.0 configurations Rugged enclosures built to withstand shock and vibration in harsh environments Five-year factory warranty on all SBCs, backplanes & embedded motherboards Board-level products utilize long-life components for 7+ year product availability Manufacturing and computer integration facilities are ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


Trusted Partner for Excellence


AKD has partnered with technology leaders such as Intel and NVIDIA to create integrated solutions based on your specific system requirements. In addition to AKD’s manufacturing and systems design teams, our support team is ready to address questions, provide technical assistance, and after sale services in real time.  


Focus on Customer Solutions


AKD computers are built to withstand harsh environments in utility substations, industrial control systems, and automation systems, to create application-ready tailored computing systems that meet our customers' specific requirements for most extreme embedded and industrial applications. Our rugged computers provides the highest level of computing in a streamlined, ultra-durable, easy to integrate solution, against dust and debris and endures extreme shock, vibration and temperature variation.


Flexible Form Factors


AKD offers a standard rack-mount server-quality industrial computer and we also provide optional PCIe expansion cards, power supplies, and third-party monitors.


Designed to the Highest Standards


AKD computers utilize the most reliable memory and storage available, error-correcting code (ECC) memory and single-level cell (SLC) SSDs.

AKD computers are designed and tested to exceed the rigorous industry standards required for harsh operating environments. AKD computers:


Absorb up to 10 g of impact

Tolerate up to 12 kV of ESD

Resist large electromagnetic fields and RF interference

Offer a wide temperature range of –20° to +65° C (dual-core)

Have up to 85% relative humidity resistance

Engineered for today’s most extreme embedded and industrial applications, our Rugged Line of hardened PCs provides the highest level of computing in a compact, ultra-durable, easy to integrate footprint. Sealed against dust and debris, our Rugged Line stands up to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures, and features the latest generation of processing technology for lightning fast performance.

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